At the origins of


Our business philosophy stems from our desire to offer the best produce that originates from the soil. This is the reason why we have a Quality System that regulates each phase of the production process. This way fruit maintains the same freshness, goodness and nutritional values as when it is harvested. In each production site, produce is thoroughly checked throughout the production chain, to maintain the highest quality and safety standards, as guaranteed by the following certifications: Integrated Production, GlobalGAP, BRC, IFS, GRASP, ISO 22000, ISO 22005, Demeter Biodynamic, Organic.

The best


Origine Group grows its products in the most fertile areas of the two Hemispheres, over 10,000 hectares of land. The availability of production sites in Chile, with its opposte climate conditions to Italy, enables us to guarantee perfectly fresh and ripe products to our consumers in every season of the year. The ideal climate and soil conditions – fertile, dry and sun-kissed – ensure ideal product growth and natural resources preservation, using low environmental impact techniques according to the principles of integrated production and organic farming.

Harvesting at


A team of experts regularly tests product characteristics– sweetness (Brix degree), texture to the touch, skin appearance and fruit detachment force – to ascertain the best time to harvest. When the ideal values are reached, we proceed to harvest. This process ensures our fruit has always the fresh flavor, appearance and aroma that consumers associate with Origine Group products.

Tracing each step


In order to safeguard consumers’ health and wellbeing, Origine Group guarantees the traceability of its whole production chain. Harvested produce is delivered to the warehouses where it is traced. Each grower is assigned an individual EAN bar code that identifies production area and extension, harvest and conferment date. Upon arrival, products undergo a first check: we select only the best batches, which respect Origine Group’s strict quality criteria.

The best technology


Selected produce is stored using advanced refrigeration systems in over 50 plants. We have an extensive warehouse capacity for modified and controlled atmosphere storage that ensures conservation according to product-specific needs. An advanced digital system allows the constant supervision and management of refrigerated cells.



Fruit undergoes manual selection first and then instrumental testing to ensure total quality and healthiness. The use ofUV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy enables to predict in a fast and nondestructive way fruit sweetness, ripeness, texture, skin color and defects, so that only products that meet quality requirements pass to the successive packaging phase where they are assigned Origine Group’s quality seal.

Bringing excellence


During the packaging phase, quality control personnel carries out one last check to make sure products meet the required standards and only then is the quality seal applied. To preserve quality and healthiness, products undergo cold temperature treatment according to phytosanitary protocols both during storage and transport by sea, air or land towards their destination.