‘Sweeki’ harvest started in Chile, whilst sales from Italy keep going

The harvest of the top-quality kiwi for the Sweeki brand has started in Chile. Origine Group plan to sell 2,000 tons of Italian kiwis and […]

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Origine Group enlarges its production base in Chile with Copefrut

Origine Group acquires a new important Chilean member that processes 150,000 tons of fruits

A new important member for Origine Group, that […]

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Origine Group: 1st container of Sweeki kiwis from Chile arrived in China

From Shenzhen port towards the Far East markets

The first container of Sweeki branded kiwis arrived from Chile in the port of Shenzhen, South-West China. The container, directed […]

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Chilean kiwifruits branded Sweeki is leaving Santiago towards Far East markets.

Thanks to David Del Curto S.A., historical Chilean company partner of Origine Group, Sweeki will be present all-year-round on the international markets, especially in the Asian ones.

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