The season of the Italian kiwi closes with 3,300 tons (+49%) exported overseas and to Europe, with the last months affected by the Coronavirus pandemic

Orgine Group has completed, with a significative advance compared with last year, the season of the Italian kiwi. A season with a strong increase in sales, even though split into two by the Coronavirus pandemic.
We have sold 3,300 tons of Italian kiwis on the foreign markets, with an increase of 49% on the last season – declares Origine Group Managing Director, Alessandro Zampagna -. Evidently Origine Group, whose mission is to promote overseas and to targeted European clients the quality fruits of its companies, is getting effective.
A season, as previously reported, divided into two by the Coronavirus crisis.
Up to January the growth was mainly on the overseas markets, while in Europe volumes and prices were not picking up due to the strong competition. With the Coronavirus emergency everything has changed: Europe has experienced a robust growth in demand and consequently in prices, whereas on the overseas markets we had to deal with a number of different problems, from port blockage to sudden market changes.
Anyway, an overall positive season for Origine Group.
We have increased the sales, opened new markets and placed our kiwis on new retail channels, all maintaining and interesting return for the growers, also thanks to our presence on different markets. Our top-quality brand “Sweeki” keeps growing in Asia, and now we hope to resume our projects in China. In North America we keep growing, while in Europe our clients trust our product and service.
A positive balance then, in an unprecedented situation.
Now Origine Group is focused on the sales of the quality kiwis of its Chileans members, in order to ensure the all-year-round presence of its brands on the shelves.