The appointment will take effect on 3 April. He has an extensive professional curriculum, from international volunteering in Africa to top management of fruit and vegetable companies.

From Tuesday, 3 April, Dr. Alessandro Zampagna will be the new General Manager of Origine Group. A 55-year old agronomist from Cesena in the Romagna region, married with a daughter, he obtained a Master’s Degree and PhD in Rural Development from University College Dublin. Zampagna will bring his valuable experience to the consortium, acquired throughout his broad and diverse career. Zampagna’s curriculum includes numerous experiences abroad as part of his professional career, ranging from international volunteering in Africa to fruit and vegetable service consortia, but also at a science and technology park, always with roles of responsibility in staff training and in projects aimed at transferring innovation to the agri-food sector, followed in recent years by a managerial post in fruit and vegetable companies.
In a joint statement, the president of Origine Group, Ilenio Bastoni and Managing Director Alberto Garbuglia welcomed Dr. Alessandro Zampagna, confident that ‘his curriculum and his diverse and qualified professional experience will effectively contribute to the growth of Origine Group in the European market and in new emerging markets’.